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A Rising Tide

After the horrific Hurricane Sandy destroys his family’s restaurant in Atlantic City, young chef Sam Rama must start from scratch, forming new relationships that instill in him hope for the future. Director Ben Hickernell scheduled to attend.

May 29, 2015
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival 9:00 PM Buy
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Director Ben Hickernell scheduled to attend

May 30, 2015
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival 3:30 PM Buy
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Director Ben Hickernell scheduled to attend

Sam Rama works as young chef at his family’s well-established restaurant in Atlantic City. After the horrific disaster that was Hurricane Sandy, the restaurant and everything around it is absolutely destroyed, leaving Sam with practically nothing. Yet he comes to the realization that sometimes the greatest things can rise out of ruin when he meets a wealthy and generous patron who agrees to help him out, and begins a new relationship with a beautiful and kind woman. A chain of unexpected events leads to renewed hope for Sam, who comes to understand that achieving your dreams means investing in the people around you.

Director: Ben Hickernell
Principal Cast: Hunter Parrish, Ashley Hinshaw, Tim Daly, Victor Slezak, Jonathan Togo
Premier Status: World Premiere
Country: USA
Year: 2015

BILLY and BILLIE  a new DIRECT TV  series has been picked up for a second season

Recent Reviews


But a deep reservoir of compassion feeds Mr. LaBute’s portrait of Bill, a determinedly deluded man struggling against what’s ugliest and most dangerous in himself. In a beautifully restrained performance, Mr. Slezak allows us to feel Bill’s agony and forces us, gently, to acknowledge humanity where it might be easier to see a monster. -New York Times Once again, the acting is superb, particularly from Victor Slezak, who, under the sensitive direction of Maria Mileaf, slowly peels back the fragile layers of a man at war with himself and desperately afraid of losing. -Broadway & Me

The GUILD HALL Production of John Logan’s play RED

“It takes a great artist to play one, and Mr. Slezak is a consummate artist. Building the character from the inside out, his Rothko is by turn viciously bullying, then pathetically vulnerable, a genius tortured by his own mortality. Mr. Slezak spoke recently of learning his craft under the master teachers of American theater during the 1970s and 1980s, people like Uta Hagen and Stella Adler, whose work, he hopes, can be brought forward to a new generation. With this performance, he does just that.” – East Hampton Star T.E. McMorrow



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